Friday, April 3, 2020

Another reminder about free patterns -

This is another reminder that the free patterns from the 2019-2020 stitch-a-long are all down. The links have been removed and the pdfs deleted. When I get the time I'll be updated the pdfs and putting the patterns up for sale at etsy.

You can still get this years free embroidery patterns from the 24th of the month to the next month on the 24th. I'm only listing them free for 1 month then they get removed. Look for the March/April pincushion pattern up till the 24 of this month. The April/May is all ready to be put up when the pincushion comes down. For once I'm ahead :)

Dillon and I were out walking since it's been so nice and sunny. Not something that seems to happen much here in western PA anymore. The dafs are coming out but not as many as previous years. Maybe all the rain is rotting the bulbs like it is tree roots.

The forsythia is really good this year even with all the rain beating it hard. We lose electric so often we're thinking about a generater of some kind. Yesterday it was nice and sunny again but the electric went off all afternoon. Hard to do the work I needed to do with no electric for the sewing machine and computer. :(