Saturday, July 11, 2020

This may be a mistake but I gotta do it

What's a mistake? The pic below, since it seems like blogger has jinxed my chickens. Ever since we lost 3 of our chickie girls, Jack decided we needed to get replacements so here’s a pic of the 4 day old babies. I’m scared about the jinx but they are just too cute not to share. He was in Tractor Supply getting feed for the remaining 6 girls and 5 ducks when he saw they had Comets. That’s what Hailey was and it’s what we were hoping to get more of. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to get them since we were in a heat wave of 90 and above but Jack had to have them. We lost 3 the first night. He went back to the store and since it wasn’t even 24 hours since he bought the peeps they replaced them. They’re in the box Jack made when he got the ducklings last year. It was used for the original peeps afterward. Funny thing is that the heat should be around 90-95 for the first week. Guess they weren't all that healthy.