Friday, July 24, 2020

I HATE the new blogger, what about you?

I had to revert to the old version to post anything because blogger has got a new version and it's not easy to find how to post. They don't seem to have updated the help links so here I am frustrated beyond belief when I was planning on a nice post with some nice pics but now I'm just feeling extremely cranky. Aren't we all dealing with covid anxiety so do we really need things like this, too? Well, I'll post a few pics and maybe I'll feel better afterward.

Here's a pic of some mats I made for the kitchen.
I'm a fan of strawberry stuff even though I'm not a fan of this fabric.

During a clean and sort I came across these old towels that belonged to my Gran. I'm not sure what I'll do with them but that's been the problem all along. Maybe an apron with 3 or small appliance covers? Not sure so they'll get packed away again.

Love this close-up of the pea blossoms!
With the high temps we've been having they're just about done. Which is good since I planted tomatoes in front of the and it's now getting hard to get to the vines.

LOVE daisies so much I had them in my wedding bouquet.
This big patch is blooming in front of an old fashioned hydrangea.

Thanks for staying around for this post. I'm felling a bit calmer so I"m going to draw out some more embroidery patterns. I have so many I'm working on :) I'm also working on a new version of the clothespin dolls using dowel rods instead of pins. I'll be giving the directions free to anyone who bought or who buys my clothespin doll patterns.

One last thing, I've finally decided to open the blog for comments. IF I get trolls I'll shut them down again. I just don't want that kind of negetivity in my life.