Friday, November 30, 2012

Crafty Avenue closed -

Just thought I better post about Crafty Ave. closing. I never did get much up there. It was run by the same people as Pattermart so I never really gave it any of my time.

I'm working on some new Halloween and Christmas dolls. Have pics I need to post of some I've finished but I've spent the afternoon at Pinterest and now I find I don't have time to do it. I spend WAY TOOO much time there! :) I am so addicted to that place, I even started a board on nails. I love that users can now have secret boards. Great way to fill a board before making it public.

I started a board there for my doll patterns at etsy now I have to add ones from Patternmart. I'm also doing a board with pics of dolls I've made. Some will be pinned from here and other from photobucket. Easier and much more fun than doing a web site photo album. I put a link to my boards in My Links to the right.