Friday, February 8, 2013

A New Year

I know it's been awhile since I last posted. It seems like so much was keeping from the computer and now it's not working again. It seems like every Dec/Jan it gets a virus. This time nothing is showing up with virus scan but it keeps freezing so until I make the time to get our computer fixed I'm using my husband's laptop. He finally bought one to take when he travels but it's really getting a workout now :)  The guys I was using for tech service closed shop so I'm not sure where to take it now. Hate to think about it but I'm getting it's going to need a full restore and that will mean I'll lose my office 2007. My old tech guys put it on and I never did a backup of it. Now I wouldn't trust any program not to be compromised in some way. Need to get a computer just for me since it seems like every time something goes wrong it's my husband who's been using it.

No new info on the tatting book. Taking a lot longer due to unforseen problems. The seasonal tatting patterns are on hold until I get the main computer running again since that's the one with all the software I need.

Fighting a cold so I haven't been sewing either. I did get my sewing room sorted and some sewing done, just nothing new for sale.

Have been spending time over at Pinterest making favorite boards.Love that place and can spend all day looking at all the great stuff that shared.