Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween Mermaid and a Ghost Bride at ebay!

For the first time I've made a Halloween witch mermaid. She's meant to hang on a wall or door and would be a great Halloween dec for anyone living near the shore. Look for her at ebay.

This ghost bride was originally made for a customer who wanted a red haired ghost. She said she loved it but then after emailing her a few times I gave up on getting paid so I'm now offering her at ebay. She's #3 in my ghost bride series. To go with the spider web print I used for the bodice and sleeves, there's a tiny spider in her hair.

I finished 4 more Halloween things and took pics today. Now I have to DL and resize them, oh and get them up on ebay. Tonight I plan on finishing a green witch half doll!