Friday, October 14, 2011

Green Witch at Ebay!

Finally finished this green witch and got her up today at ebay. Her name is Violetta. I had to give her a pretty name when she looked so pretty. I think the purple hair looks great and that's how she got her name. I've made green witches before and have used black yarn and orange yarn for hair.

Sold the Halloween mermaid witch today and have had a request for more. I never make duplicates unless the buyer requests it so I'm not sure how I'll dress/decorate the next one.

I'm working on a new pumpkin head lady and I'm crazy mad for her. I wasn't sure how I wanted to dress her but last night while I was watching the BBC series 'Being Human' it just sort of came together.

Almost done with a goth white pumpkin girl. She was supposed to be a ghost but I didn't like the nose I drew so she became a pumpkin. I even made her a big spider for a pet! All she needs finished is her shoes.