Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Becareful of what you post!

Hi Everyone or at least the few people who read my blog. I've decided I'm going to shut down comments in the next few days. I'm finding it too stressful since I don't blog very often. Sometimes weeks will go by before I come here, other times I just forget about them, and I don't want to upset anyone by making them think I'm ignoring them.

Because of all the problems I have with panic attacks and agoraphobia, the less stress in my life the better. My safe "cocoon" isn't feeling so safe to me right now because I upset someone whose work I greatly admire. I didn't think I would hurt anyone with my "moan" but it did and I'm beyond sorry. To avoid upsetting anyone else I've deleted that part of the original post.

I never want to hurt or upset anyone with my ramblings. There's too much meaness in the world so I try to be nice whether it's in the real world or online.

When I started this blog I decided it would only be about the business and not about my opinions or anything personal. Over time I've broke that rule but I think it's time for me to go back to it again. The only time I'll be moaning now is about myself.

I admit I'm neurotic and tend to fixate over things. That's why I was up almost all night brooding over all this and writing pages and pages to help me deal with all the sad and panicy feelings I'm having. So excuss me while I drop off the face of the earth for a while and pull my cocoon tightly around me until I can let go of the pain I'm feeling over the hurt feelings I've caused................