Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another Pattern in Soft Dolls & Animals!

Last week I got an email from Kelly at Soft Dolls & Animals saying they would be interested in printing the pattern for the bears in the picture. I'm so happy!!!!!!! They are just a basic bear pattern but are decorated with made and purchased flowers.

I usually decorate bears with silk ribbon embroidery, in fact I even won first and second place in a big national contest for designers with 2 different bears that I embroidered a while ago. Better Homes and Gardens was one of the sponsors and bought the rights to the patterns but I'm not sure if they ever used them in any of their publications. Most mags I've dealt with send out free issues of the one your in but not all do. I had sent a tatted bracelet pattern to workbasket magazine. Turns out they printed it and never paid me. Worse yet they lost the bracelets and still didn't pay me. I have never sent anything to them again. At least BH&G did pay.

I'm still tatting and working on new patterns. I actually have 4 going right now. I put aside the winter fairy I was working on and got out the rabbits I started last year. I also just cut out fabric for a bag doll. Lena, my witch pattern, was supposed to be a bag doll but as I made her I really went off design. Today I got out the patterns and fabric I had ready for a new fairy and frog pattern. Then of course are the fall tatting patterns. Forgot to add those to the total. I sewed 2 to tote bags but still have to finish the other 3 designs. Since they aren't sewn I'm slow on doing them but the designs are pretty much worked out. Guess I need a few days without interruptions, yeah like that will happen :)

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