Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dsl dreams can come true!

Just a quick post to say how happy I am to finally have dsl. The slow dial-up I had kept me from doing so much but now, look out, I'm reading blogs and web sites that used to take 10 minutes or more to load! For the past few days I have to admit to not getting any work done as I go to sites I always wanted to see like the fairy society but couldn't because they were so graphic intensive that they just wouldn't load. Fun to see but didn't join. Same with the Harry Potter Lexicon.

Did get a store open at etsy under 1creativestitches but I'm not sure I'm going to stick with that name. I'm not happy with the one in front so I may have them close that account and reopen as creative::stitches or creativestitches::, there are already 3 other creativestitches but I hate to give up the name everyone knows me by at ebay. I also thought about going different with magicstitchescreations or creativemagicstitches but they are both kinda long. I have the worst time trying to make up my mind about anything so the store will sit empty until I do. I noticed that some people have mulitple stores to sell different things and I thought about that, too. I could sell patterns and supplies at one store and finished items at the other. That seems what a lot of people do. I did make a great banner for the store and used my little sewing girl as my avatar. You can go to and choose user name from the search drop down menu to find me if you want to see what done on the store so far. Oh well, I'm off to catch up on more sites and blogs! This week I hope to post pics of the 2 rabbits I finished.

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