Sunday, April 13, 2008

Info about Halloween Artists, Katie, & other stuff

I wanted to say congrats to Katie, Punkin Doodle Boo, from my ebay group Halloween Artists. She was accepted into another fabo ebay group, Pfatt. This is a great group to get into and hard to get into (I know I tried!). Not only do they have an ebay group, they have a website where they showcase members work, . To celebrate becoming a member Katie's doing a giveaway of one of her fun sculptures. Go over to her blog to enter before May 10 th for a chance to win Peter Punkin Eater.

Besides Halloween Artists (HA31) I also belong to another fun halloween group at ebay called Society of Eclectic Halloween Artists (SEHA). They are a busy group, always having contests and challenges for it's members. Type in HA31 and SEHA to find some great Halloween art at ebay. The link for Halloween Artists web site in my links section takes you to our group site where you can see members work and read about halloween. SEHA hasn't started one yet. HA31 also has an off-site mesage board so we can talk about stuff ebay wouldn't want us to and a blog.

Now that I'm ready to open a store at I'll be looking to join some groups there, too. Def need some networking over there! So much new to learn.

Big news for me, I'm getting high speed DSL this week! I've been on sloooow dial-up since my first computer and with how long blogs and other sites can take to load, was going crazy waiting and waiting. Keep your fingers crossed that it all works out!

I am working on the new pattern for a topsy-turvy doll. Sorry but no pics to post yet. I'm also finishing up 2 rabbits that were supposed to be done for Easter but I got sidelined and am just finshing them now. March was just too early for me to think rabbits. Doesn't it seem like it should be Easter this weekend?

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