Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!

I spent a quiet new year and had a great surprise when I checked my emails on Tue. Pip Elf and Trudy Elf sold! After selling Halloween things over Dec. I was beginning to wonder what was up. It was hard to part with them but I sent them on their way. I hope Joyce will be happy with them! Look at the last 2 posts in Dec. for pics.

Another great surprise was on the next day a green crochet thread bear sold. I called her Molly Ann because of the 'M' on the jewelry box I sold with her. I had made her 2 years ago but couldn't decide what to do with her until I came across the jewelry box at a second hand store.
Love, love ,love second hand stores! I go to the local Salvation Army store, Humane Society resale store, and many others. I'm always finding great things and it feels great knowing I'm helping a charity and recycling.

Took down all the holiday graphics at my eBay store and updated my ME page. It took 2 days to sort them all out. I also put my last snowlady up. Her name is Anastasia. I love how the red fabric I used for her dress looks but it was so hard to sew. Her halo is holly and is removable.
I haven't sold any of the snowladies or the tree toppers but I'm hoping some customers will find them now that Christmas is over just like how the Halloween stuff sold in Dec. instead of Oct. It's amazing how some doll makers on eBay sell their things for hundreds of dollars and so many others (me included) struggle to find a following.
I'm working on the Jack Frosts, No pics to share but hope to have them finished next week. Trying to think Valentine but even though I have TONS of heart print fabric it's just not happening yet. I guess I have to get the Frosts done before I can move on. I think I'll stay with the elves and do some in the heart prints.

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