Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dreams of Ice & Wind

I've been trying to paint doll faces today but it's hard to concentrate when it's so cold and windy. I'm working on Valentine dolls. Two fairies just need their wings and 2 flower ladies need their faces finished and dressed.
Last week at the ebay store I sold 6 dolls to one customer! I was a bit scared at first because you hear about people who buy things, pay with paypal, then file claims that they didn't get what they ordered so paypal gives them their money back. The sellers are stuck, no items, no money. I sent them out on Fri. and am hoping for the best since the buyer has great feedbacks.

One of the dolls she bought was an Ice Princess Elf I had put up the night before. Here's her picture:

Her name is Princess Irena. I'm liking this theme so much I have an Ice Witch in mind if I have time to make her. Another of my problems is finding all the supplies since we don't have a big fabric/craft store near.
One of the ebay groups I belong is having a winter theme contest and I made the Jack & Jackie Frost dolls and this one for it. My customer bought all 3 dolls.
I took this same pattern and reduced it so I could make smaller elves and fairies. They don't stand as well with smaller feet but I really like the small size but then again I always prefer small dolls to big ones.
Back to work and trying to stay warm! No wonder I'm thinking about icy dolls, it's 6 out!

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