Tuesday, July 12, 2022

I'm late but I've got a really good reason...

 and here it is, the puppy ate the cord for my laptop. Sounds like the old school lie of the dog ate my homework doesn't it?  It was down to 35 percent before I realized that it wasn't charging. How the little guy didn't zap himself I don't know. I have an old Lenovo running win7, it was the DHs so he insisted on finding an original cord. I now know I should have bought one of those chargers I see on HSN all the time so I wouldn't have had to wait for the one I found on ebay to come.

I've had it for about 2 weeks but more stuff got in the way. The fridge broke and I couldn't find a repair person to come out for 3 weeks. I finally found a guy but he seems lost about fixing it. We are ready to give up and buy a new one. If he does fix it then we'll have a full size extra instead of the mini fridge I've been using.

Then there's the problem with the 1 year 2 months old  washer that has decided it will only work correctly in one setting. Of course it's not covered in the warranty so I'm making due. I hated the thing after we bought it but it was on floor model sale and not returnable. Get this, we paid $650 for it and now the repair guy wants $450 to repair/replace the computer board.

Oh, and I can't forget the UTI, though I wish I could. While dealing with all of this some friends went on vacation and I had agreed to watch their dogs before life decided to ____ on me. (You fill it in.)  Luc ky for me the meds worked so I could walk the dogs 6 times a day along with feeding them 2 times a day. Talk about extreme anxiety and panic attacks.

So anyway all of this is why I'm very late with July's free embroidery. I'll be posting it next. I thought I'd put it in another post so if you print the directions you don't have all this to deal with.

As always I have too many projects going and I'm taking too many art classes so of course not much gets finished. I do have the August freebie embroidered but have to do the pattern. Fingers and toes crossed nothing else goes wrong. Jeeze louise did I just jinx myself?

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