Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Some Free Classes You May Like


I'm always taking free art classes but never get around to posting my results. I used to take lots of photos of whatever I was making but now I find I just don't think about it. The above painting was from an Effy Wild class. Far from perfect but it was fun. She often is part of free art classes.

This is mixed media from a class by Christa Forrest. Her work is so amazing. I usually just watch and don't make anything. She joins in various art summits and also hosts free classes. Christa has Fantastic Faces 3 on June 25 and 26. 

This one is from a Jenny Manno Tuesday youtube video. She has a lot of fun ones and a facebook group I belong to. Sadly she won't be doing free videos soon. She's going to do them just for her Patreon site.

So you say, hey what about some free links? Here they are:

All you who embroidery there's a summit going on right now. I meant to post about this last week - Embroidery Summit 2022

Yay Kalidescope 2022 is starting on the 27th. This is the taster week. The full pay-for classes begin in August. These classes last year were responsible for me really getting into art and supplies.

On June 19 Another Women Unleashed Summit is starting. There are some art classes and some spiritual ones. 

I'll try to keep up with posting interesting links when I first find them. 

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