Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Mini free embroidery pattern and a chat

In case you were wondering, this is the case I use for my embroidery. I found it at the local humane society's resale shop last year. I picked it up and put it back a few times because I couldn't decide on it or a picnic basket. I'm SOOOO glad I got this but I do wish I had got the basket, too :) .The handle is leather and the box is really hard cardboard. The metal closure keeps it from opening by accident. Don't you hate when whatever you have all your supplies in opens and everything falls out? I have a pin with charms I bought long ago in the latch. It has sewing charms hanging from it.

The inside is papered with honey jars (perfect for Pooh) with a mirror and removable tray. The tray holds my basic embroidery supplies and the threads I'm using for the project I'm working on. I fill the bottom half with more threads, fabric, and more projects to be worked on.

Here's the free cherry pattern. I used it for a tablet cover I made. Look at past posts for info on the cover and a link to the free directions.

Picked these flowers in the yard. I think they're prettier than the one Jack bought me at the farm market a few weekends ago. At the bottom of the picture you can get a peek at some new embroidery patterns I'm working on. There are 4 so far with 4, maybe 6 to do.

I'm really enjoying embroidery again and love to share my patterns. I want to appologize to the tatters who followed my work. I seldom tat anymore. Oh, I have lots more designs sketched out and some done but I seem to have lost the fire I once had for tatting. As always I have WAY TOO MANY projects going at one time. I did get out all the jewery patterns I made up but soon realized all the time it would take to put together the pattern. I guess if I did my pattern much more simple I could get them out quicker but I feel the need for more detailed instructions so even beginners can follow them. So until I can figire out a way to get more time to myself for designing they will all sit in a box.