Thursday, March 19, 2020

Happy Spring, There's a SALE at Etsy!

Happy Spring! I'm celebrating with a 25% off sale on my PDF patterns at Etsy!

With so many of us following the request to stay at home I thought I'd put my patterns on sale at Etsy at least for the next month, though it may run longer. Etsy only allows 1 month at a time for a sale. I'll renew it for another month if we're all still pretty much housebound.

As some of you may know from reading my blog I've had panic attacks my entire life, yes even when I was a toddler, it's one of my early memories. There were many years when they got so bad I was housebound and the thought of leaving set off fear. Now that I consider myself a medium functioning agoraphobic the thought of not being able to get out is causing me mild panic. I think it's coming from worrying that I may go back to full blown agoraphobia and not be able to go out without having panic. So to keep the fear at bay I'm going out but only to drive from one of our houses to the other. We have 2 places we live at and the drive is about 20 minutes apart. This is working so far. I hope you all are doing well. Let's follow the rules and just maybe the virus won't spread as fast.

BTW, the newest free embroidery pattern will be up next week and all of last years free ones will come down by April 1 or 2.