Sunday, June 9, 2019

Way too busy - how about you?

The project I picked for June ended up being more than I planned so I'm dividing it into 2 months. The directions for this month are almost done. It's hard to finish with all the interuptions. I designed this one myself, no copyright free graphic.

Life just keeps on getting in the way. I'm finding I'm not getting on the computer but once a week for a quick look at mail. I missed an order at etsy because of this so I put the store on vaction until things get back to normal.

I'm working on gardens and cutting grass at 2 different places, house and dog sitting for friends when they go out of town, and helping my husband build a chicken coop. Then there's all the regular stuff that needs done like taking care of my dogs and cat, cleaning, laundry, cooking, and dishes. For 2 people we do have a lot of dishes.Sewing is piling up but in the evenings I'm working on the embroidery designs and new patterns. I just finished a frog pincushion. Just have to find time to write up the directions. Here's a pic of him.