Sunday, February 2, 2014

I'm finally back and have new items at Etsy and Ebay

I have been meaning to write since Nov. but something always gets in the way. Here's a pic of a new elf doll I put up for sale at ebay.

Her name is Aimee and she's a Valentine elf. The heart shaped bag hold small paper valentines I printed. They're copies of vintage ones I found at Pinterest.

Next I have some red tatted bracelets at Etsy. Here's a 26" long wrap bracelet. I have more there in red and other colors. Soon I'll be listing some ecru ones with copper colored beads and hardware/

These are my newest tatting gauges. They're a little different from previous ones. I now have some colored rings and hooks. I've also stopped putting labels on the plastic since sometimes they don't stick. You'll find them at my Etsy store.

This is one of my newest projects. I started decoupaging shuttles last Sept. After making some for myself I then started making them to sell. I've held off selling them till now because I wanted to make sure the shuttles I've been using stayed nice. I was worried that the glaze I'm using might crack or loosen. I still think anything decoupaged should be treated with care. Don't get them wet and realized that the glaze could crack with use just like anything else that's be decoupaged. Right now I have 3 up for sale at Etsy. They are all Handy Hands Starlit shuttles. I'm have 3 more I'm working on right now and then I plan on doing some Aero or Aerlit shuttles.