Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Winter Tatted Quilts Pattern almost done!!!

Fingers crossed, I'm almost done with the newest on my Seasonal Tatted Quilts patterns. The cover photo has been taken and is now being printed for those of you who prefer a printed version rather than a PDF. I'm going over the directions for a final edit and plan on having it up for sale no later than next week.

The next in the series is Spring. All of the tatting is done and now I'm doing the crafting part. When that's done I'll move onto photos and directions.

For those who buy my doll patterns, I've been working on a new fairy pattern. I work on her when I get tired of tatting.

Watch this blog for news of when the Winter tatting pattern will be up for sale at my etsy store and at Patternmart!

The photo above shows what the new winter patterns look like but isn't the cover photo.