Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Got old google site to work!

I had trouble with my old photo site when google switched from pages to sites. It was stuck in editing. It was suggested that I use foxfire instead of IE but I wasn't sure I wanted 2 browsers. When my computer ended up in the shop last month and a new hard drive was installed, the techs put both IE and foxfire on it. Today I finally remembered about the old photo site that had been stuck in editing since 2008 or 9. I couldn't believe it but it now works! The only pro0blem is I no longer like the site. I really don't like how it's set up. I tried a few different themes and layouts but I just don't like it. I'll do some more work with it since I have so many photos there. I hate to move them. I only have a few pages done at the webs site. I love being able to have my own headers but it takes so much longer to write the code than using the simple sites. Not sure what I'll be doing but I do know I need to get photos of my work up on the net and I'm too picky to just use flickr or photobucket ;)

Here's the link to the old photo site in case you want to see it: