Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sold the Winter Witch!

This is so amazing, I guess I have a new fan! I just sold the Christmas wynter witch I posted at ebay. The same customer also bought 2 of my elves. It's so great when someone likes your work so much they buy more than one thing. I was so happy I included one of the small bears I've been making in her package. I wasn't happy about the postage costs. I offered free postage thinking it would go for $5.80 but it was $8.30! I hate how postage has gone up so much. I guess I need to either stop offering free postage on things that have to be boxed or up the price to help cover the cost.

I finished the bears I made for Tapas but haven't mailed them. I need a bigger box! I would like to try for a trip to Sewickley but I haven't been that far from home in over 4 years. In case you readers don't know I have agoraphobia. I can travel close to home but anything further than 15 minutes away and I start to have panic attacks. I've had this trouble since I was a small child.

We had a new furnace installed the past 2 days so while all that was going on I sewed and tidied up my sewing room (it needed it!). I'm not a morning person and getting up at 7 am was very hard. I think I slept 3 hours Sunday/Monday and 4 Monday/Tuesday morning. I'm not a napper either. I was such a zombie but I did get a lot done. I had a stack of purses to make so I've been sewing them. Need to get some pics taken. They'll go to Tapas when they're done. It feels so good to go into the sewing room now that it's tidy. I'm really in the mood for sewing and not sitting here at the computer so I'm off to sew ;)

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