Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pics of totes and more!

These are a few of the totes I made and sent to tapas in Sewickley. The denim ones with the embroidered flowers are from the bottom of a pair of girls jeans I got at the local Salvation Army store. Great place to look for things to re/upcycle. In fact I bought the strawberry fabric I used to make the next totes there, too. There were 3, 1 yard matching pieces with strawberries. Couldn't resist as they are my favorite fruit. I thought these totes would be great to carry a water bottle and few other small things.

This bear waas a special order for a Tapas customer. She provided a shirt and I cut it up to make this bear. I used the cuff for the collar. My husband had a hard time letting this one go. He's a Steeler fan and loved the face on this one. I have more pics of the totes I made that I'll post next time.
I have talked to the most lovely person last week. Tamalyn is from Washington and has now bought 4 of my Christmas dolls. It's so nice to talk to customers and get their feedback. It's the one thing I miss about not doing craft shows. What I don't miss is the early mornings of getting everything ready and setting up. As I've posted before, I'm NOT a morning person.
So what am I doing now? I'm still working on the fall and winter tatting patterns and I started a winter fairy pattern. She is so cute! I just hope everything will go alright with the design.
I should be decorating but I just can't get in the mood to drag everything out. I don't even have the outside wreathes and bows out. Jack took the metal box I always stored them in up to his camp and I had to put everything in a few cardboard boxes. Now it's not as easy to find them.
Ok, I've embarrassed myself enough that I'm off to the basement to find the wreathes!

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