Friday, October 9, 2009

Getting site moved!

Finally I'm getting around to moving the business site before geocities closes. BTW, they closed one of my sites with no explaination. It was for the psp classes I took. Luckily I still had all the files on my old computer so I made sure to burn them to a cd.

I spent way too much time searching for a free site or at least one that wasn't expensive. I finally gave up and decided on and I'm so very happy with them! Such a tiny button to have to have on the free site. I was even able to get a red one! Very, very easy to use! Just wish they offered a better upload. With the free version you only get to upload one picture at a time. Here's a real link to the home page as I haven't switched from the geo site yet.

Today I was working on getting the pattern pages up for each of the patterns I sell. I managed to get 9 up on the google pages site before it went wonky. Gave up and came over here. It may have to do with it still being on pages. Don't know when they will ever get my pages moved to the new 'sites' place. Have to admit how much easier it would be to be able to just copy and paste the code from geocities instead of the 'what you see is what you get' way they are set up. I decided on them just because of no ads and the chance to get in on the new sites pages. I may give up and put them all at the webs site. I'm just a bit worried about the bandwidth so that's why I put the patterns on a separate site.

Hope you'll take a look!

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