Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Too much time dreaming, not enough working

Thought I'd post even though not much is going on. I did set up a store at http://etsy.com under 1creativestitches. Still not happy about having a number in front but I couldn't get just creativestitches or anything cool like creative::stitches or creative---stitches. Have 3 of my patterns up and if I'd ever get out of my funk I plan on putting up all of my old handmade bears from when I was still doing craft shows. I was going to sell them for $10 and under but just may wait until the area I live in has their community yard sale and try to get rid of them there first.

A post or 2 ago had me raving about having verizon dsl. Well it's still great to be able to get things done so fast but I'm having so many software conflicts with it. My husband didn't know that you 1. have to shut down all virus software when installing and 2. never install virus software when you already have one running on your computer. Now we have a mess. Verizon's off shore techies have deleted so many files that when I tried to go back with a system restore to before he installed everything, all I get are error messages. Looks like my next option is to contact Dell since it's still under warranty. Well, maybe now the husband will finally learn (did I actually start to finish this? Come ladies do they ever learn?)

Still working on the newest pattern but once again have gotten sidelined because I got an idea for one I'd rather make. If I'd ever finish all the patterns I have in various stages I'd have more than 50 for sale. Then there's wanting to work on some dragons I made last year. I was invited to join a group at ebay for dragon makers so now I've got dragons on the brain, too. Then there's the cd full of halloween clipart I bought from Dover. I want to make tags, jewelry and print some on fabric. Does anyone else feel that when you have too many ideas and projects going you just want to close the door to the sewing studio (or where ever you have your stuff) and veg out watching tv or read? I used to tat when I felt so over whelmed but now I even let that sit.

Did make one big decision. I have been working off and on for over 15 years on 2 books of tatting patterns. I finally realized that it's a pain trying to find a publisher (haven't looked and don't feel like it!) and printing it myself would be too expensive with all the color photos. I had been going to buy one of those binder thingys at Staples so I could make them with a spiral at the side edge but have decided to split them up and print them just like my doll patterns. There will be 3 -4 per pattern.

Another big decision is that I'm going to advertise in 3 issues of Soft Dolls & Animals Magazine. They have a great section in the back that's only $30 a month. Look for it in the last 3 of the year!

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