Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dreams of a better new year & karma !

Wow, after rereading my last post just call me Debbie Downer. This blog was supposed to be about my dolls and the business and here I am moaning about being miserable. That only makes me more miserable.

I believe in Karma, not just the 'My Name is Earl' kind, doing good to make up for past bad stuff. I believe that what you put out in the universe, in your life, comes back to you. I've been thinking about all the bad stuff that's happened this year and how it made me even more pessimistic than usual. I've been moaning about the small and the big, totaling it up like a sales reciept. Could this be why more keeps happening? With all this wallowing and claiming I must have broke a mirror or worse to have this string of bad luck, am I calling more bad luck to me? I know with agoraphobia and depression being happy and grateful are pretty impossible but changing the way I think has got to be my new years resolution. When something bad happens no matter if it's as small as a pencil breaking or as large as ... (leaving it blank, use your imagination!, I've got to remember it's all a part of life. Crap happens. The post office and ebay don't raise their rates just to hurt me; my dog doesn't poo on the floor everyday to spite me, she's old and can't control herself; and appliances and other stuff breaking happens. Most everything around here is old so it shouldn't be a surprise when it happens. The big question is, even if I try to change a part of me will always be pessimistic, so can my karma really change for the better?

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