Friday, July 7, 2023

It came! Issue 58 and WOW!


Last week my first issue of Uppercase came and after spending a week immersed in it I just can't call it a magazine, it's so much more than that. Uppercase really should be called a soft cover book. It's easy to see why the subscription is high though the many of the magazines published by Stampington are similar in price.

I should have taken a picture of what the magazine looks like now that it has lots of tabs and notes in it. So much has inspired me so that I'm ready to get back to art classes and finish the directions for the sweet rabbit girl and the updated sheep girls patterns. I just need to replace the battery in my old desk top.

Here's the link to the Uppercase site in case you want to have a look, Uppercase

If you are looking for some free art classes there are I'm following at youtube. One is Junk Journal July A new video is put up every day for the month. It gives me a chance to make some art without taking the time needed for drawing and painting.The second is a month of tags 31 tags for July  I'm putting them on pages in the junk journal I made.

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