Monday, April 18, 2022

Not much time to spend on internet right now


This is my cat, Jingles and he's the reason I'm both too tired to spend much time online and do any sewing. The sweet boy has a bladder infection and almost died last week. So far he's doing well but now that we've done some research on the illness it's a 50-50 chance whether it won't come back. We're almost up to $3,000. Easy to see why pet health insurance is becoming more popular.

Love your furry babies because you never know what may happen. After losing Kaley in 2020 and Dillon last year, I'm just not ready for another pet death or people for that matter. Too many family and friends passed in the past 2 years, too.

BTW, the DH went and bought a puppy without telling me. Not a surprise I wanted. He's planning on getting him this weekend but that will depend on getting into Canada. He can't get a real answer to whether or not he needs a passport. He filled everything out for one but it won't be here in time.

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