Sunday, May 23, 2021

No more fogged glasses, it worked!


It's bad enough to deal with feeling panic when wearing a mask but when my glasses fog it gets really bad. While cleaning out a drawer I found this bottle that my husband had bought years ago when he liked to take waterfowl pics. It stopped his camera lenses from fogging so I thought I'd try it on a pair of Flower glasses (Drew Barrymore at Walmart) I had and it WORKED!!!!!!!!

I don't know if it would work for everyone but it did for me. Wish I would have found this a year ago :( I put a drop on each side and used a clean cloth like it said to dry as I did each drop.

You may wonder why I'm still wearing a mask when my state allows those fully vaccinated to go without unless the place you want to enter still requires it. Well, my allergies are the worst they have ever been so I cough a lot. To avoid grief from others it just seems easier to wear a mask.

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