Thursday, August 30, 2018

Listing decorated tatting shuttles at Etsy and other news-

Here's a pic of the first of the decorated shuttles and bags I'll be listing at my Etsy store. Six will be Aerlit shuttles and 6 will be Moonlit shuttles. I'll get another 1or2 up tomorrow and the rest next week. Today is my wedding anniversary and my husband's birthday was yesterday so we're celebrating on the weekend. At least that's the plan. I think we'll be cutting grass.😏

I had a BAD surprise today when I pulled out the box that holds the pics I use for pattern covers. Most of them were stuck together!!!!! Guess when I watered the plants on the shelf above them (when????) I must have spilled water on the box. Every pic of the new mermaid is 'glued' together. That's about 30 pictures 😢 What a huge waste. I tried heat and water but nothing is working so now I have to order new ones. I think I'll take some new pictures for some of the patterns. I never was happy with the dragonfly riders pic.

I have the new legs done for the bird riders and yes they do stand! Now for a new cover pic and wouldn't you know it, the old ones where hardly damaged.