Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Too Sick to Post

It's been a rough year so far. Between the health problems I've had and dealing with the seizures my dog is having nothing is getting done. Murphy was put on meds for the seizures but never adapted to them. He just walked around dopey and drooling. When he came off the meds in March the seizures started up again only now they're more often. Since March 13 he's had 12 seizures. The doc thinks now it may be a brain tumor.

We've also had trouble with the computer again. I'm hoping to get it in for a check with the techs tomorrow.

Tried to do some sewing for Valentine's Day then Easter but just couldn't get things finished. I've mostly been reading since I'm too tired for much else. I haven't been sleeping well since Dec. because of Murphy.

By the way the ladies at Patternmart now own Crafty Avenue. I'm slowly adding my pdf patterns there. You can find me by searching for doll and craft patterns. I put the tatting ones in the craft patterns section.