Saturday, October 30, 2010

Newest Halloween stuff up at ebay!

This is a first, a Halloween dragon! I wanted to sell him with a small plastic skellie I found at the dollar store in his arms but my husband thought he was too cute for that.

I have a lot of Halloween things up at ebay and below are just a few of the newest. I just finished a couple of pumpkinhead ladies, some teddies, and 2 cute tiny elves riding crows. Look for them soon! I know Halloween is tomorrow but I plan on making more Halloween before I switch to winter stuff.

This is Stella. She's a half doll built on a brass candlestick. Last winter I got a bag of them at the local Salvation Army store. They're perfect for bases and a lot easier than cutting and drilling wood. Stella is a spider loving witch and is decorated with tiny tatted ones. A large bead and wire one sits in her basket.

This is Bernadette. Last year I made a ghost witch similar to her. I used a pattern from Back Porch Pickins that I resized smaller. I really prefer to make small dolls.

I love this cat I made, Sadie. Last year I did one as a ghost and had planned on keeping her but finally gave up and sold her. She has such a sweet face. I tatted pieces for her bodice and around her neck. I also crocheted the cord around her head and tied at her waist.

Here's a pic of a mummy I listed at ebay. I made one last year that was displayed hanging but this one can stand! The spider is wire and beads. The kitty mummy is just tucked into her arms, it isn't sewn. She's fully wired so can stand on her own or be bent into a sitting position.

These are 2 Halloween fairies I have up at ebay. I'm working out the kinks of a new body pattern I'm designing so that's how these were made. I found a video at you tube on how to make the wings. They're actually earrings turned into wings. Lots of fun to make!
I'll post more next time!