Thursday, July 24, 2008

Finally found some energy!

I've been busy since I last posted finishing more dolls and working on the topsy-turvy doll pattern. I hurt my back and couldn't do much for a few days but I'm back to finishing projects. I have too many UFOs in my sewing room now so I need to get some stuff done.

Finally got the cute little paper mache pumpkin done for the crochet bear. I also made some Halloween tags I'll be including when he sells. Don't have a pic with it so I'll just post this one.
I also finished this sweet fall fairy bear. She's made using the same brown yarn as the Halloween bear. She's sitting in a nest decorated with silk sunflowers. Her wings are crocheted from orange and white variegated thread.

Here's a picture of the rabbit I made back in the spring but with her new wings and wand. Isn't she so pretty?

None of them are up on ebay yet. Just thought I'd wait until next month. I also have 2 crocheted mermaids and will soon be done with a cat angel and a tree lady! The cat was supposed to be done for my HA31 ebay group it was based on a poem about a cat that barely hangs on to her witch's broom that a fellow member wrote. My version is the cat who lost hold and is now an angel. I really like her and might have to live with her a while before I put her up for sale. Because I hurt my back I didn't get it finished in time. Same with the tree. She was supposed to be done for SEHA at ebay last week but I'm just finishing the fabric for the bark. I still want to couch more fibers to it. This tree will have a "people"face, arm branches that end in fingers, leaves for her hair, and other embellishments. I saw a picture of one done in Soft Dolls and Animals magazine a few years ago and knew I wanted to do my version. When I get them done, I'll post pictures!

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