Thursday, November 1, 2007

Searching For the Perfect Group~

Are you like me and have been searching for the perfect doll making group to join? Just when I said I was leaving most of my Yahoo groups I signed up to join 3 more! Two are pending so I have to wait to see what happens there. One is a local Pittsburgh group and even though I won't be going to monthly meeting it would be cool to be a member.

This time I have to be cruel, I have to try them out and if they're not right get out before I feel I have to stay. Yahoo groups are so easy to and then can take way too much time. I can't be involved any more with groups that expect full participation, no must sends, trades , or must participates. Of the five eBay groups I joined last week I'm ready to leave one, maybe 2.

I find it hard to leave the groups I've joined all because of a graphics tag group I belonged to ages ago. This was before Gmail and my email wouldn't handle the large volume so I had to leave to stop the bouncing. The moderator of this group had a set email to those who leave that was so mean and just down right rude that I now break out in a sweat whenever I leave a group hoping never to come across another leave message like that again. I used to make up being ill but now I just admit I'm too busy to stay. Some one should start a web site with excusses to use when you need to leave any group!

Hope you all had a fun Halloween! I had trick or treaters for the first time in 2 years!

I'm way behind with sewing again having spent too much time on this group fixation I've developed. I had planned on posting 3 baby dragons in a cage on eBay this weekend but I've yet to finish cutting them out. I did get a new pattern from Back Porch Pickins. Yes I do buy other people's patterns! It's the only way for me to learn new techniques other than take online classes. Tonya has great prices on rusty stuff and tinsel garland. She also doesn't over charge on postage. Makes me realize just how bad my web site ordering needs updated!

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