Tuesday, May 22, 2007

One Dream Coming True

At Last I'm finally ready to reopen my eBay store! I thought I might as well wait until the new postage rates came but then I decided to make new graphics. This is a big problem for me because I love to make them but then can never decide which to use. I really should change them monthly to use all of them. I have graphics with various colors of backgrounds but always stay with my little sewing girl. This time around I thought I'd go for an antique look but then decided that was too boring so I did a whole series in brown and pink. It reminded me of candy but I changed my mind and made them in turquoise and brown. Here's a small preview of the logo and one of the other graphics:

Notice I'm now offering a monthly giveaway! With postage costs going up I thought this would make a great free gift.

My plan is to have most of the store up before the weekend. I'll get a link here to it when it's up. Hope you'll stop by to shop!

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