Stitch-a-Long 2020

Welcome to the stitch-a-long page. Here you will find pictures of the 2020 stitch - a - long patterns. Each pattern is up for only 1 month except for June/July and the VOTE embroideries. I started with the sewing themed designs but when covid-19 hit I decided to do some inspirational ones. Then it became very important to me to encourage others to vote so I designed quite a few in that theme. Switch out 'vote' for whatever word inspires you!

To find them go to the month the pattern lists and look for them or search free patterns. Sorry I didn't take time to link all the pics to the posts.






BTW, this one will stay up for free


September -This will stay up as a freebie

October - This one will stay up as a freebie! 

October - Another that will stay up as a freebie :) 

October - For the suffragettes 

All of these will stay up as freebies.

I didn't have time to stitch this last one but still wanted to share it. And like the others it will stay up. Hope you enjoyed stitching these and now that voting is over I'll be getting back to my keep calm and stitch on series.
November - free until Dec. 12
This will be the last Keep Calm heart for the year.
This is the first of the December freebies.

This is the last 2 embroideries for the year.